Our energy experts

  • Baxter, Andrew
    Senior Director, Business and Energy Transition

    Areas of expertise: Oil and gas, methane emissions, sustainable finance

  • Beatty, Lauren
    High Meadows Postdoctoral Economics Fellow

    Areas of expertise: Energy and environmental policy, energy modeling, oil and gas economics

  • Becker, Sam
    Project Manager, Global Clean Air, U.S. Region

    Areas of expertise: Air pollution monitoring, coalitions, fleet electrification

  • Berkow, Mina
    Director, Energy Transition

    Areas of expertise: Global energy policy, data access, oil and gas, grid modernization

  • Brownstein, Mark
    Senior Vice President, Energy Transition

    Areas of expertise: Global energy policy, energy transition, future of oil and gas

  • Camuzeaux, Jonathan R.
    Senior Director, Global Strategy & Engagement

    Areas of expertise: Climate Change, Energy, Climate Justice, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Impact

  • Carey, Danielle
    Senior Analyst, Global Shipping

    Areas of expertise: Energy transition, shipping, projects, partnerships

  • Colvin, Michael
    Director, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

    Areas of expertise: California energy policy, utility policy

  • Cranston, David
    Florida Clean Energy Manager, State Affairs

    Areas of expertise: Energy policy, clean energy technologies and programs, distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection, electric power sector, electric utility planning and operations, government affairs

  • Cronin , Michael
    Program Coordinator, EDF Climate Corps

    Areas of expertise: EDF Climate Corps, environmental policy, advocacy, corporate sustainability

  • Darrell, Andrew H.
    Chief of Strategy, Global Energy & Finance

    Areas of expertise: Clean energy financing, smart grid, energy efficiency, air quality, environmental justice

  • Deylami, Neda
    Manager, Vehicle Electrification

    Areas of expertise: State electric vehicle policy, charging infrastructure, equity

  • DySard, Alexandra (Ali)
    Senior Policy Specialist, Florida Programs

    Areas of expertise: Electric vehicles and infrastructure, climate policy, organic agriculture, plastic and packaging waste, clean energy, and partnership engagement.

  • Esquivel Elizondo, Sofia
    Low-Carbon Energy Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Alternative fuels (e-fuels or electrofuels, biofuels, hydrogen, ammonia), hydrogen emissions, ammonia emissions, fermentation, anaerobic digestion

  • Farrag-Thibault, Angie
    Associate Vice President, Global Transportation

    Areas of expertise: Sustainable freight solutions; multi-stakeholder collaboration; scope 3 emissions accounting; corporate social responsibility

  • Fernández Intriago, Luis
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Labor Economist

    Areas of expertise: Carbon pricing, just transition, environmental policy and labor markets, CGE, CBAM, international climate cooperation

  • Fripp, Matthias
    Associate Vice President, Modelling, Mapping and Analytics

    Areas of expertise: Power system planning, economics, renewable energy, electricity regulation, technical-economic modeling and mapping

  • Gao, Ji
    Director, Energy & Nature

    Areas of expertise: China Energy Modeling Forum, oil and gas

  • Garrington, Matthew
    Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs

    Areas of expertise: State and federal energy policy, federal lands

  • Glover, Nicholas
    Vice President, Build to Zero

    Areas of expertise: Economic development, climate change advocacy and private sector engagement