Oceans: Turn the tide of overfishing

Fishing rights systems are reversing overfishing, reviving coastal communities across the world and bringing the oceans back to life.

Our goal: Help 12 key governments — responsible for 61 percent of the global fish catch — switch to sustainable fishing.

  • Empowering people, communities and governments

    Empowering people, communities and governments »

    Why: For sustainable fishing to spread, solutions must meet the needs of fishermen, seafood suppliers and others who depend on our oceans.

    How: EDF will support our diverse set of partners by supplying knowledge, tools and experience to make fishing sustainable.

  • Financing the transition

    Financing the transition toward sustainability »

    Why: Sometimes fishing communities need financial help as they transition toward sustainable fishing.

    How: Together with our partners, we hope to show how fisheries investment proposals can be structured to attract investment.

  • Supporting demand for sustainable seafood

    Supporting demand for sustainable seafood »

    Why: Recovering fisheries need well-informed consumers to support them through sustainable seafood choices.

    How: The EDF Seafood Selector provides information on a wide range of seafood and highlights the healthiest and most eco-friendly choices.

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  • Type: Report
    Date: July 22, 2020
    Electronic monitoring and electronic reporting programs can improve accountability in fisheries and provide more accurate and real-time data collection for science, management and business operations. This white paper discusses how well-crafted policies, cross-region collaboration and clear communication can help policymakers accelerate the uptake of promising EM/ER technologies and maximize the value of fisheries data in the United States.
  • Type: Report
    Date: July 7, 2020
    Climate change threatens key life support systems of our planet — and the ocean is no different. Read EDF Oceans' Fisheries for the Future blog series, where we discuss sustainable fisheries management for a climate-impacted world, through nine concise blogs on various topics.
  • Type: Report
    Date: April 29, 2020
    EDF is seeking a suitably qualified technology and services provider to work with EDF's Smart Boat Initiative and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to design, implement and test a "smartpass" camera system that is capable of identifying and enumerating recreational fishing vessels leaving and returning to ports in Oregon. Read more here.

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