Fishing Smarter

How new technology can help our oceans thrive

Watch our new short film, “Fishing Smarter,” which follows the people on the front lines using technology and data to make ocean ecosystems and fisheries more resilient.

Billions of people around the world depend on the oceans as a source of food and livelihoods — yet many wild-capture fisheries are under increasing pressure from overfishing, pollution and climate change. However, there are promising digital technology solutions that can revolutionize fisheries to improve sustainability, profitability and community resilience.

Watch as small-scale fishers, fishery managers and other stakeholders explore the ways new and emerging technologies strengthen the health, sustainability and profitability of their local catches and ecosystems. From blue swimming crab in Indonesia to curvina in Mexico’s Gulf of California, innovative uses of technology in fisheries are making a real-world difference.

“Fishing Smarter: How new technology can help our oceans thrive” is featured in the 2021 Florida Environmental Film Festival and the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.