Our science experts

  • Alpert, Alice
    Senior Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change science, climate change mitigation, methane measurement and abatement, United Nations framework convention on climate change, intergovernmental panel on climate change

  • Alvarez, Ramon
    Associate Chief Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Air quality, oil and natural gas, methane emissions

  • Battista, Willow
    Senior Manager, Climate Resilient Food Systems

    Areas of expertise: Food systems; Aquatic foods; Climate-resilient fisheries; Data-limited scientific assessment (stocks and ecosystems) and adaptive management; Designing equitable management systems; Effective governance for sustainable management; Principles for scaling successful solutions; Designing behavioral science-based interventions for marine conservation problems

  • Boicourt , Kate
    Director, Climate Resilient Coasts and Watersheds

    Areas of expertise: Coastal resilience, watershed ecology and protection, resilient design, consensus-building, policy and advocacy.

  • Boné, Eduardo
    Senior Manager, Cuba Fisheries & Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries bio-economic modelling, Latin America & the Caribbean, Community-based Resource Management, Learning Networks.

  • Buma, Brian
    Senior Climate Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, environmental feedbacks, natural climate solutions, innovation, exploration

  • Cao, Linnan
    Senior Analyst, Research and Analytics

    Areas of expertise: U.S. federal and state policy, regulatory and legislative strategy, international collaboration, energy technology and analysis, and project management.

  • Collins, Jamie
    Marine Biogeochemical Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Carbon and nutrient cycles in ocean ecosystems, carbon dioxide removal, natural climate solutions, blue carbon, climate change, Antarctic research, science and policy of oil spill and hazardous materials remediation

  • Cusack, Christopher
    Director, Oceans Technology Solutions

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries Economics, Technologies for Fisheries Management, The Blue Economy, Fisheries Science

  • Dilling, Lisa
    Associate Chief Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, climate adaptation, carbon management, social science, usable science, water management, energy transition, ocean carbon cycle, geoengineering

  • Doa, Maria
    Senior Director, Chemicals Policy

    Areas of expertise: Chemical safety, science policy, risk policy, lead, nanotechnology

  • Eagle, Alison
    Senior Scientist, Climate-Smart Agriculture

    Areas of expertise: Nutrient cycling, crop production, soil science, ecosystem services, agricultural sustainability, climate change, land use, and natural resource economics.

  • Ellis, Lauren
    Research Analyst, Environmental Health

    Areas of expertise: Environmental health, federal policy and regulation, chemical risk analysis, systematic review, data analysis

  • Esquivel Elizondo, Sofia
    Low-Carbon Energy Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Alternative fuels (e-fuels or electrofuels, biofuels, hydrogen, ammonia), hydrogen emissions, ammonia emissions, fermentation, anaerobic digestion

  • Eurich, Jacob
    Small-Scale Fisheries Solutions Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change and fisheries, indicators of ocean health and fisheries status, sustainable and resilient blue food systems, applied marine ecology, Asia-Pacific

  • Fiksel, Liora
    Project Manager, Healthy Communities

    Areas of expertise: Environmental health, safer chemistry, food additives

  • Fripp, Matthias
    Associate Vice President, Modelling, Mapping and Analytics

    Areas of expertise: Power system planning, economics, renewable energy, electricity regulation, technical-economic modeling and mapping

  • Fujita, Rod
    Associate Vice President, Research & Development, Lead Senior Scientist II

    Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries science, fisheries management, catch shares, marine protected areas, resilience, climate change

  • Gao, Ji
    Director, Energy & Nature

    Areas of expertise: China Energy Modeling Forum, oil and gas

  • Gautam, Ritesh
    Lead Senior Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Satellite remote sensing, atmospheric aerosols, climatology, radiative forcing