Clean air initiatives

What we're doing: Through science, advocacy, and the courts, we're defending existing clean air standards and working to prevent policy loopholes that expose many Americans to air pollution.

Why: Air pollutants take a steep toll on human health. Clean air standards will save thousands of lives – especially in at-risk communities – and must be protected and enforced.

  • Google Street View car

    Use technology to better understand and address air pollution

    Air pollution is harmful to our health. It's also invisible and hard to measure. So with Google, we're mapping it to understand its health impacts – in detail that was nearly impossible before.

  • Soot and smog

    Protect Americans from smog and other dangerous air pollutants

    We're defending standards that limit smog, soot and other pollutants that cause asthma attacks and other serious health problems.

  • Natural gas

    Trim pollutants from oil and gas development

    We're defending and advancing policies that protect communities near oil and gas production facilities.

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