About Grace Tee Lewis

P. Grace Tee Lewis

Senior Health Scientist


Areas of expertise:

Air Quality, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Community Engagement, Ports, Mapping


Grace Tee Lewis is an Environmental Epidemiologist focusing on health impacts of criteria and hazardous air pollutants, particularly among environmental justice communities. Her work includes mapping and development of a data driven tool to identify, prioritize, and visualize risk factors contributing to neighborhood vulnerability from inequities in environment, health, climate, and social stressors.

Grace supports community based organizations by providing scientific expertise for their advocacy efforts and development of environmental justice action plans. Grace’s work also focuses on understanding health risks related to the marine and transportation sectors and strategies to improve regional air quality, monitoring and public health.


Grace started as a Kravis Post-Doctoral Fellow at EDF and is now a Scientist in the Health Program. Previously, she did scientific consulting in environmental / occupational and infectious disease epidemiology and research on exposures to air toxics, endocrine disruptors, and persistent organic pollutants. She is experienced in field epidemiology, GIS mapping, and use of large data sets including national survey data. Grace is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served as a Science and Mathematics teacher in Zimbabwe. She continues her dedication to strengthening underserved populations through her efforts to improve air quality, community air monitoring, response to natural disasters and industrial events, and environmental justice.


Bhandari S, Tee Lewis PG, Craft E, Marvel SW, Reif DW, Chiu W. HGBEnviroScreen: Enabling Community Action through Data Integration in the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria Region. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Feb 11;17(4).

Miller DJ, Actkinson B, Padilla L, Griffin RJ, Moore K, Tee Lewis PG, Gardner-Frolick R, Craft E, Portier CJ, Hamburg SP, Alvarez RA. Characterizing Elevated Urban Air Pollutant Spatial Patterns with Mobile Monitoring in Houston, Texas. Environmental Science & Technology 2020; 54 (4).

Tee Lewis, PG, Chen T, Chan W, Symanski E. Predictors of residential mobility and its impact on air pollution exposure among children diagnosed with early childhood leukemia. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 2019; 29.

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