Our Europe office

With our European partners, Environmental Defense Fund is focused on oceans, air quality, climate and energy issues.

Third Floor
41 Eastcheap
London EC3M 1DT
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 203 310 5909

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Staff experts in the Europe office

  • Cabbia Hubatova, Marie Director, Global Shipping

    Areas of expertise:

    Office: Europe

  • Droogsma, Dagmar Assistant Vice President, European Strategy & Engagement

    Areas of expertise: European climate and environmental policy, domestic climate mitigation & adaptation policy, business sustainability

    Office: Europe

  • Duggan, Jill Senior Advisor, Global Policy

    Areas of expertise: Clean energy, climate policy, carbon markets

    Office: Europe

  • Lóránt, Anna Senior Policy Analyst

    Areas of expertise: EU agricultural policy, EU climate policy, climate smart agriculture, hydrogen

    Office: Europe

  • MacDougall, Pamela Director, Grid Modernization Strategy

    Areas of expertise: Vehicle to grid integration, distributed energy resources, wholesale electricity markets

    Office: Europe

  • Piris-Cabezas, Pedro Senior Director Global Transportation/Lead Sr. Economist

    Areas of expertise: E.U. and global climate and energy policy, REDD+, aviation emissions, sustainable biofuels and the design of cap-and-trade programs.

    Office: Europe

  • Ruiter, Pamela Senior Manager, SSF Initiatives

    Areas of expertise: Oceans program, Seafood markets, catch shares, renewing fisheries, EU Fisheries policy, TURF Reserves

    Office: Europe

  • Schwietzke, Stefan International Senior Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Methane emissions, atmospheric measurements, local and global emissions inventories

    Office: Europe

  • Sollazzo, Flavia Senior Director, EU Energy Transition

    Areas of expertise: European Union legislation, energy, climate and environmental policy, sustainability

    Office: Europe

  • Spence-Jackson, Helen Associate Vice President, European Strategy & Engagement

    Areas of expertise: EU policy, EU political affairs, hydrogen, energy transition (energy demand/energy efficiency), circular economy, fisheries and oceans, innovation, Eastern Europe

    Office: Europe