Stefan Schwietzke

International Scientist


Areas of expertise:
Methane emissions, atmospheric measurements, local and global emissions inventories

As an international scientist, Stefan combines his analytical skills, diverse professional background, and collaborative spirit to help understand and solve complex environmental issues. His current research focuses on methane emissions from different sources at different scales: from local to global, which requires the application of different analytical methods in terms of measurement platforms and data analysis. One of his main EDF projects includes the scientific coordination of a global set of measurement studies to characterize oil and gas related methane emissions in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.


Stefan has previously worked on life cycle analyses related to biofuels and agriculture. He was also previously a Research Scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s Global Monitoring Division and the University of Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences in Boulder, CO. In addition to academic positions, he has worked in large corporations and business consulting.

Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy – Carnegie Melon University M.S. in Technology Management - University of Stuttgart, Germany B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - University of Stuttgart, Germany