Climate: Securing a cleaner future

Climate change threatens our future. Yet we have many reasons for hope, despite an administration in Washington determined to ignore the dangers.

To stop the rise of climate pollution, while growing the economy, we've zeroed in on solutions with the biggest impact. 

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  • Type: Report
    Date: May 5, 2018
    This preliminary analysis outlines the possible scope of emissions that are at special risk of being double-claimed, if the Paris Rulebook were to discriminate between mitigation originating within versus outside of NDCS, or because of the nature and type of NDCs. The analysis flags the possibility that a significant share of the world’s emissions may be at risk. The analysis underscores the need for clear rules and strong transparency, for double counting/claiming reductions in these emissions would substantially undermine the effectiveness of global emissions abatement efforts, at a high cost to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
  • Type: Report
    Date: May 1, 2018
    This white paper discusses if there is a legal basis for the institutions of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to remain operational after 2020, and, if so, if there is a legal basis for the CDM’s Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) to be used for purposes other than compliance with obligations under the KP, e.g., for compliance with contributions under the Paris Agreement, or for compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).
  • Type: Report
    Date: April 25, 2018
    Executive Summary on the a revolution underway in how companies balance their business and environmental goals – a transformative change driven by the use of disruptive technologies including blockchain, data analytics, automation, dematerialization and more.

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