Climate change: Catastrophe in the making

The facts, the dangers and what we can do

When Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek didn’t mince words.

It’s global warming, stupid,” the magazine boldly declared.

In its detailed report on the storm [PDF], the National Hurricane Center was similarly plain-spoken about the bizarre and far-reaching extreme impacts:

…houses were washed from their foundations, boardwalks were dismantled or destroyed, cars were tossed about, and boats were pushed well inland from the coast.

National Hurricane Center study [PDF]

And that was just in New York and New Jersey. In West Virginia and North Carolina, a blizzard dumped more than a foot of snow.

Scary stuff, indeed. And exactly the kind of danger that EDF scientists and many others have been warning about for years.

Why is this happening?

The science is clear: Human activity is causing our climate to change.

How bad was the super-storm?

  • 159 people were killed by Hurricane Sandy in the U.S.
  • 650,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.
  • 8.5 million lost power, some for months.

“Tropical Cyclone Report: Hurricane Sandy,” NOAA, 22-29 October, 2012, p. 14.