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Since 2012, rigorous Clean Car Standards have reduced pollution and saved Americans hard-earned money at the gas pump. The Trump administration tried to roll back these protections and undermine states’ long-standing authority to enact more protective standards.

EDF partnered with a broad coalition to defend clean car standards in court. We also intervened in state court to defend Colorado’s right to adopt strong standards. Our advocacy exposed fatal flaws in the rollbacks, and helped pave the way to re-establishing strong standards.

The Biden administration is now reconsidering the Trump rollbacks. EDF will continue advocating protective standards in judicial and administrative forums, working toward 100% zero-emitting new cars by 2035 and new trucks and buses by 2040.

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State Authority Cases

D.C. Circuit Court Cases

UCS v. NHTSA, No. 19-1230, and consolidated cases

Filings on Feb. 1, 2021 Abeyance Motion

Merits Briefs
Administrative Record Filings
Filings on Abeyance and Expedition Motions
Filings on Case Management
Filings on Parties and Intervention
Statements of Issues
Petitions for Review

D.C. District Court Cases

EDF v. Chao, No. 19-2907; California v. Chao, No. 19-2826;
SCAQMD v. Chao, No. 19-3436

Filings on Motion to Dismiss or Transfer

Filings on Parties and Intervention


Denver County Colorado District Court

Freedom to Drive v. Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, No. 2019CV34156

Filings on Abeyance Motion

Filings on Parties and Intervention


Federal Rollback