Clean car standards legal resources

Rigorous Clean Car Standards in place since 2012 reduce dangerous pollution while spurring fuel efficiency improvements that save Americans hard-earned money at the gas pump. The Trump administration is trying to roll back these protections and also attacking states’ long-standing authority to carry out more protective standards.

In September 2019, the Trump administration finalized a rule that purports to block states’ well-established clean car authority. The administration is also advancing a damaging roll back of federal clean car standards. EDF is defending clean car standards in court and administrative proceedings.

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State Authority Cases

D.C. Circuit Court Cases

UCS v. NHTSA, No. 19-1230, and consolidated cases

D.C. District Court Cases

EDF v. Chao, No. 19-2907; California v. Chao, No. 19-2826;
SCAQMD v. Chao, No. 19-3436

Denver County Colorado District Court

Freedom to Drive v. Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, No. 2019CV34156

Federal Rollback