Clean car standards case resources

In 2012 EPA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and California’s Air Resources Board finalized important greenhouse gas emission standards for Model Year 2017-2025 cars and trucks.

As part of the Clean Car program, EPA conducted a thorough Mid-Term Evaluation to assess the MY 2022-2025 standards, which included engagement from the public, advocates, and industry stakeholders, and led to a massive technical record to support the conclusion that the standards should remain as is, in place.

EPA however, is working to roll back these crucial climate and consumer protections. In April 2018, EPA issued a second Final Determination stating their intent to roll back the Clean Car standards.

EDF opposes the Trump Administration’s efforts to dismantle this program, and we are working hard to defend the standards.

Litigation over EPA's Final Determination to roll back the standards

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