This ambitious project was possible because of our partners and their wide range of expertise. This started as a collaboration between EDF and Google Earth Outreach to examine methane leaks, extended to pollutants that affect local air quality in the Bay Area and has now grown to projects in Houston, London and Salt Lake City and includes important health impact data as well.

EDF convened and financed this project as part of our efforts to improve air quality and human health through the pioneering use of sensor technology. EDF team planned and managed data collection and EDF scientists collaborated with researchers at Rice University to analyze air pollution data and generate insights.

Google Earth Outreach provided Street View vehicles, including drivers, maintenance and operations support, as well as Cloud storage, compute technology and technical support.

Rice University’s George R. Brown School of Engineering researchers collaborated with EDF scientists to collect, quality control, process and develop new methods to analyze air pollution measurements.

Sonoma Technology contracted with EDF to equip two Google Street View cars with research-grade instruments to collect air pollution data and provided maintenance support throughout the monitoring campaign.