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Transportation is driving the world’s climate pollution

From land, air and sea, transportation is the fourth-largest source of global climate pollution.

Cleaning it up will take us far:

  • By 2040, electric cars will cut U.S. climate pollution by 600 million metric tons annually — that's close to what Canada emits in a year.
  • Sustainable fuels, along with tech innovation and other upgrades, can drop the carbon intensity of flying by more than 80%.
  • The same kinds of innovations could cut shipping’s impact on the climate by 95%.

This journey will lead to big results for stabilizing the climate and for cleaning the air. We're on the move.

Impact by the numbers

  • 0%

    The percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. that come from transportation, the country's biggest source of climate pollution

  • 0K

    Number of lives saved by 2050 if all new heavy-duty trucks and buses sold in the U.S. release zero emissions by 2040

  • $0K

    Amount the buyer of a new battery-powered electric vehicle bought in 2030 will save over the car's life compared to a gas-powered car

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It is both a social and environmental imperative to clean our transportation system.

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