Glenda Chen

High Meadows Fellow, People and Nature


Areas of expertise:
Process engineering, quality control, community building, translation and intercultural exchange.

Glenda joined EDF in 2020 as a High Meadows Fellow. Glenda’s work resides in the intersection of our Coastal Resilience, Working Lands, and Oceans programs, and she focuses on EDF’s efforts in collaboration with Cuban partners to build resilience in coastal communities to climate change impacts. She participates in the organizational planning of the Research Initiative for the Sustainable Development of Cuba (RISDoC) among other platforms that facilitate community-based scientific and experiential exchanges across the Gulf and Caribbean.


Glenda recently completed her undergraduate degree in 2020 in chemical engineering at Princeton University. From an engineering perspective, she believes that science is most useful when applied to our everyday wellbeing and quality of life, and she strives to use her education toward clean water access, soil health and agriculture. Prior to her university years, she spent a gap year in Asuncion, Paraguay, living with a host family of an Olimpiadas Especiales athlete, coaching for Olimpiadas and supporting community healthcare through the Lions Club.