Marilynn Marsh-Robinson

Partnership and Alliances Manager


Areas of expertise: Energy efficiency, environmental justice, diverse allies and constituencies

Marilynn Marsh-Robinson is responsible for ensuring EDF’s work reaches diverse audiences and projects include holistic strategies that incorporate socioeconomic factors.  She has worked on various energy efficiency projects with academic institutions, including a strong focus on minority serving colleges and universities, rural communities and local governments.  She also specializes in environmental justice initiatives with traditionally underserved communities that help amplify their concerns and strengthen environmental advocacy efforts.  By coordinating these relationships, Marilynn has helped secure passage of legislation and continues to increase overall visibility of the organization. 


Marilynn is currently pursuing an MPA and participates on the boards of North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) and North Carolina Conservation Network (NCCN). She also holds a BA in Political Studies from Meredith College.



  • Marilynn Marsh-Robinson

    Marilynn Marsh-Robinson


Raleigh, North Carolina office

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