Our people: The key to EDF's impact

Laura Rodriguez, Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program
Laura Rodriguez, Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program

We're more than 700 scientists, economists and other professionals.

We are inspired by working together with experts and partners from many fields to tackle tough environmental challenges. And we focus on results.

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Climate + Energy

Vickie Patton

Vickie Patton, EDF's General Counsel, manages national and regional clean air work.

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Rod Fujita

Rod Fujita is a leader in sustainable fisheries, aligning conservation with the business of fishing.

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Ann Hayden

Ann Hayden leads the development of markets in California to restore critical habitat and water resources.

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Boma Brown-West

Boma Brown-West transforms retail supply chains to reduce people’s exposure to toxic chemicals.

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Ramon Alvarez

Ramon Alvarez, Ph.D., helps guide EDF’s scientific priorities, keeping us on the cutting edge.

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Dan Dudek

Daniel J. Dudek, Ph.D., is one of the world's leading experts in cap-and-trade programs.

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Business experts

Aileen Nowlan

Aileen Nowlan and her team develop strategies to accelerate innovation in the corporate sector.

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Policy experts

Nathaniel Keohane

Nathaniel Keohane works towards environmentally effective and economically sound climate policy.

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