Sustainability at EDF

Our approach

We recognize that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. In this journey, we reduce, measure and mitigate:

Reduce — We are empowered by our organizational values to embrace ambitious goals to reduce our impact on the planet. We seek deep reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions and more energy efficiency in our offices.

Measure — We have measured our environmental footprint since 2007. As EDF has grown, so have our impacts on the environment. So we strive to be transparent with our data: We track our greenhouse gas emissions and plan to add recycling and other kinds of data to our inventory.

Mitigate — We create solutions to mitigate, or lessen, our impact on the planet. We are committed to using natural resources as efficiently as possible — reducing the cost of doing business in the process.

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Our Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council's mission is to make EDF sustainable, inside and out. The council is a group of more than 50 dedicated EDF staff volunteers from different programs, departments and levels of the organization.

The council champions various sustainability initiatives to reduce EDF’s environmental impacts. Ultimately, the council aspires to make recommendations and set an example other organizations can follow.


Brian Attas
VP Corporate Services and Risk Management
(212) 616-1274

Reduce, measure and mitigate sustainability cycle chart