Our Remote office

Staff experts in the Remote office

  • Alkafaji, Roya Manager, Healthy Communities

    Areas of expertise: Lead in drinking water, water quality, environmental health, children’s health

  • Amidi-Abraham, Garshaw Senior Specialist, Climate Resilient Water Systems

    Areas of expertise: Watershed planning and restoration, groundwater sustainability, geospatial analysis, nonprofit management, stakeholder engagement and outreach

  • Bryce, Ben Senior Manager, State Affairs Southwest Region

    Areas of expertise: Environmental legislative, regulatory affairs and policy

  • Chen, Fenjie Senior Manager/Representative, Japan Fisheries & Oceans

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries policy, sustainability evaluation, fishery improvement.

  • Chen, Glenda Senior Analyst, Global Transport

    Areas of expertise: Process engineering, renewable energy, island resilience, translation and cross-cultural interpretation

  • Cobb, Allison Associate Vice President, Equity & Justice

    Areas of expertise: justice and equity, strategic planning, communications

  • Collins, Jamie Marine Biogeochemical Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Carbon and nutrient cycles in ocean ecosystems, carbon dioxide removal, natural climate solutions, blue carbon, climate change, Antarctic research, science and policy of oil spill and hazardous materials remediation

  • Colson Leaning, Dustin Senior Specialist, Fisheries Innovations and Policy

    Areas of expertise: Technologies for fisheries management, fisheries policy and management

  • Courtin, Kate Senior Manager, State Climate Policy & Strategy

    Areas of expertise: U.S. climate and energy policy, carbon markets, legislative and regulatory strategy

  • Cusack, Christopher Director, Oceans Technology Solutions

    Areas of expertise: Fisheries Economics, Technologies for Fisheries Management, The Blue Economy, Fisheries Science