Life at EDF

At EDF, we are passionate about the work we do, whether it's partnering with companies to reduce waste and pollution or devising new ways to protect endangered species. We are also passionate about making EDF a great place to work.

Meet the staff

Meet a few of the impressive people we have on staff.

Our fellows

Our interns and fellows have achieved impressive results, and gone on to do other great things—sometimes as members of our staff.

Annual retreat

Each year, EDF employees from across the country gather in a beautiful natural setting to strengthen connections and exchange ideas. EDF's leaders consider the retreat essential to creating a renewed sense of purpose and gaining new insights about our work.

It's also a chance for employees to have fun together. In addition to planned outings such as bird watching and hiking, the retreat includes a dance party and the "Follies" talent show, which features acting, music, and singing skills — and a lot of laughs.

Staff awards

Every year EDF employees get to nominate colleagues for Outstanding Achievement Awards. A staff committee chooses five winners, who are honored at an award ceremony at the annual retreat.

The awards, which arose out of a staff member's suggestion, often honor "unsung heroes" who have made extraordinary contributions.