Amanda Leland

Executive Vice President


As Executive Vice President, Amanda oversees EDF’s core programs including Climate, Energy, Health, Ecosystems, and Oceans. Amanda is focused on building a shared vision and collaborative approach to help EDF stabilize the climate, build resilience, improve people’s health and return our oceans to abundance. She is also helping to inspire partners and supporters to engage more deeply with our experts in order to tackle the most urgent challenges so that people and nature can prosper around the world.


In her previous role, Amanda led EDF’s Oceans program, managing a global team working to reverse overfishing while improving human wellbeing in the process.

Under Amanda’s leadership, the Oceans program catalyzed reforms and advanced tangible results for people and the oceans in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia. In her 14 years of service at EDF, she has been a leading advocate for the recovery of U.S. fisheries where 90 percent of federally managed fisheries are sustainable or on the path to becoming so, while at the same time experiencing more jobs and profits for fishermen.

Her diverse background prior to joining EDF includes cooperative science with the fishing industry, a zookeeper, and a Congressional aide.


Master of Science (M.S.), Marine Biology, University of Maine
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Ecology, Evolution and Population Biology, Purdue University

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