Internship guidelines

Interested in exploring a career at an internationally-recognized environmental organization?

By joining EDF as an intern, you too can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life. EDF's Internship Program welcomes intellectually hungry leaders to join us, advance our work, and cultivate the skills and relationships needed for a successful career working for the environment.

Alumni of our Internship Program have gone on to important leadership positions, most notably our own president, Fred Krupp. Could you be the next Fred Krupp?

EDF offers internships and fellowships for students and recent graduates in a variety of programs and departments throughout the organization. Our internships typically run for 10-12 weeks during the summer with flexible schedules during fall and spring semesters. Fellowships run one to two years. The ultimate goal of our internship and fellowship programs is to provide high-quality experiences (including relevant projects and opportunities for networking) that form the foundation for any individual who is serious about having an environmental career.

EDF's approach is unique as we use corporate partnerships, economic incentives, sound science and a nonpartisan approach to policy to accomplish our goals.

As an EDF intern, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly in your field of study, gaining valuable experience, developing skills and knowledge that can take you to the next level in your education or career.
  • Network with EDF's executive team and leadership in several program areas.
  • Join the network of EDF alumni interns and create your own professional network.
  • Explore a broad spectrum of career opportunities available in environmental advocacy.


Internships at EDF are designed for undergraduate students, recent graduates, and graduate students.


EDF offers both paid and academic credit eligible internships. EDF internships vary in responsibility, with each program area maintaining its own budget for intern expenses, therefore the rate of pay may vary.

For students receiving academic credit, EDF will ensure that any and all paperwork needed to secure academic credit is completed.

To Apply

Available internships for the summer, fall and spring semesters, as well as special-project internships, are posted on EDF's Internships and Fellowships page. Applicants should review each internship opportunity carefully to make sure that they meet all criteria before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find EDF's internship opportunities?

Available internships are posted on EDF's Internships and Fellowships page.

I saw an EDF internship opportunity elsewhere, but it isn't listed on your site. Are you still accepting applications for that position?

EDF's Internships and Fellowships page is always the best source for up-to-date information—if a position is no longer listed on our page, it is no longer available.

Will any of the current internships offered be listed again in the future?

Many of EDF's internships are project-specific. For these internships, whether or not a position will be listed in the future depends upon the trajectory and scope of the project. Other internships are listed fairly regularly. The best way to find out is to check back with the EDF's Internships and Fellowships page on a regular basis.

Do I need to apply for a specific internship?

In order to apply for an internship, you must complete our online application and apply for a specific opportunity. If interested, you can apply to more than one internship opportunity.

How do I apply?

To apply, please follow the instructions outlined under the position on EDF's Internships and Fellowships page.

How will I know that you received my application?

Upon receipt of your application, an automatic email acknowledgment is sent to the email you've provided in your application. Due to the volume of employment applications and queries received, EDF is unable to respond to each application individually. Applicants will be contacted directly if selected as a candidate.