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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our commitment to transformative change

Why diversity, equity and inclusion matter: Diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas are essential to developing meaningful and lasting climate solutions. To foster a stronger climate movement, our organization must reflect the world in which we operate — and use our influence to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in all the work we do.

Our path forward: EDF is on a journey to provide equitable opportunities and meaningful support for a staff with a diverse set of experiences, backgrounds, perspectives and insights. We’re committed to making transformative change to ensure a work culture in which everyone feels they belong — and to being transparent about our progress.

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The DEI Council and our workforce

All EDF employees are responsible for fostering an atmosphere where everyone’s contributions are encouraged and valued.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council works to advance initiatives that develop and maintain diversity, equity and inclusion within our operations, management and culture.

EDF  DEI Council, 2022
EDF Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, 2022.

Supporting community at EDF

Employees at our 2022 All-Staff Retreat
Employees at our 2022 All-Staff Retreat celebrate EDF’s commitment to advancing DEI.

We’re committed to developing a culture of inclusion.

The six employee resource groups that make up our Innovative Diversity Efforts Alliance — known as IDEA groups — build community and provide development opportunities for team members from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Our experts

Get to know the leaders of our diversity, equity and inclusion work.

Staff perspective

EDF’s diversity journey is a strategic priority for the organization. We are committed to education, progress and building an equitable environment within our walls and through the work we do around the world.

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Executive Director


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