All EDF offices

U.S. national offices

New York City

Our headquarters, home to our executive team, development officers and much of our operations staff.

Washington, D.C.

Houses our national legislative work, plus many staff scientists and our national communications team.

U.S. regional offices

San Francisco

Our West coast headquarters, home to many staff scientists in ecosystems and oceans.

Austin, Texas

Home to our Texas regional work as well as several experts in energy, climate and health.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Home to our North Carolina regional work, as well as several ecosystems and oceans experts.


Home to many members of corporate partnerships team, oceans experts and our chief scientist.

Boulder, Colorado

Home to our Rocky Mountain regional work, and also experts on air quality, energy and water use.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Home to our Florida regional work as well as experts in climate resilience and electric vehicles.

International offices

Beijing, China

Our China program works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.

La Paz, Mexico

Our experts working to save fisheries in the Gulf of California using catch shares.


Environmental Defense Fund Europe focuses on oceans, climate and energy issues.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Our experts working to facilitate cooperation on the management of sustainable fisheries.