Artist's rendering of MethaneSAT, a methane-detecting satellite, above Earth

Methane pollution causes 25% of today’s global warming

Cutting methane pollution from the oil and gas industry is the fastest way to slow climate change.

EDF is taking the reins:

  • Our groundbreaking methane timeline studies put methane on the map, revealing emissions from oil and gas production to be 60% higher than the EPA’s estimate.
  • We partnered with Google Earth Outreach to get utilities and companies to find and fix methane leaks.
  • And we’re the only environmental organization building a satellite to track methane emissions worldwide.

Why methane matters: We can’t solve the climate emergency without addressing methane pollution. Here’s why.

Methane pollution by the numbers

  • 0x

    How much more potent methane is than carbon dioxide in the near term

  • $0.0B

    Cost of wasted gas emitted per year, enough to fuel 10 million homes

  • 0%

    Amount of methane reductions the oil and gas industry can achieve using technologies available today, two-thirds of it at no net cost

Our methane experts

We bring wide-ranging perspectives and skills to our work on methane. Meet some of the people who make it happen.

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Staff perspective

By emitting even just a little bit of methane, humankind is greatly accelerating the rate of climate change.

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