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During these unprecedented times, we are reminded of what matters most: a healthy world where all people and nature can live in balance. You are the essential ingredient for making this work possible.

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EDF member service representatives are happy to help with your questions or requests Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern time.

Work you make possible

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    Tackling the climate crisis

    Climate change is impacting every corner of our planet. More than 3 million members support our plan to stabilize the climate and avert catastrophe with their advocacy and donations.

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    Celebrating five decades of progress

    Since our founding in 1967, EDF members have sent tens of millions of letters to Congress and other decision-makers, and made millions of individual donations to support innovative solutions to reduce pollution, protect endangered species, restore ecosystems and defend human health.

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You make great things happen

When you donate to EDF, your gift will make a real difference in creating a cleaner, healthier, safer world tomorrow.