Can you make a difference?

How to solve one of the world's most pressing problems


You’ve seen the devastating effects of climate change, as wrought by extreme weather events. And you understand that our choices have led to this. So what can you do to dial back the damage we’ve all done to our climate?

Take action that has a real impact

True, there are little things you can do in your life that will help, such as conserving energy and taking mass transit.

But what is really needed is change at national and global levels. Only by convincing leaders to create laws that improve our energy policy, and pushing companies to adopt sustainable business practices on a global level, can we see real change.

A few quick keystrokes

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You will join a powerful group of over one million members who are doing the same thing—and helping the world toward a different path.

Make your voice heard

You can make changes in your own life, but what drives the biggest change is joining a groundswell of people to influence policy and industry leaders. We’ll send you urgent news updates and tell you when your voice is needed. (Read our privacy policy.)

We desperately need a solution, but it must be one that supports continued prosperity.

Keith Gaby EDF Climate Communications Director