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Help us defend the Clean Power Plan from opponents attacking climate progress


What’s at stake?
For decades, power plants have been allowed to emit unlimited amounts of carbon pollution. They are the #1 climate polluter in the U.S., responsible for about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the country.

EPA’s Clean Power Plan, once finalized, will put in place key standards to reduce carbon emissions from power plants. However, the plan is under attack—and we need your help defending it.

Who’s trying to block the plan?
Fossil fuel groups and conservative lawmakers have mounted extensive campaigns to try and block the plan. Specifically,

  • In the media: The Koch brothers, owners of vast fossil fuel holdings, have funded campaigns that spread false information about the plan.
  • In Congress: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is spearheading the “Just Say No” campaign to encourage states to refuse to comply.
  • In the courts: Murray Coal filed a lawsuit against EPA as soon as the proposal was announced.
  • In the states: A dozen hostile states have filed suit arguing that the plan drives up the cost of electricity.

What can I do?

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A smart, flexible plan

One reason we’re working so hard to protect the plan is because it’s a practical, commonsense way to cut emissions.

Instead of issuing a one-size-fits-all standard, EPA has given states plenty of flexibility in how they lower pollution, including the ability to act individually or in regional groups. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are stressed as key tools, which would boost the clean energy economy.

“It may very well serve as a turning point for the United States—and the world—in our effort to reduce greenhouse gases,” explains EDF’s Ben Schneider, “while pointing the economy toward revitalization through clean energy.”

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