Will your city be the first to run out of water?

Dan Upham

San Jose, California. Lincoln, Nebraska.  Miami, Florida. San Antonio, Texas.

Uniting these geographically dispersed American cities is one scary fact: They are, according to a new report from the University of Florida, tied for the dubious distinction of “most drought vulnerable” cities in the United States.

If you thought water scarcity is a problem limited to the desert Southwest or other arid regions of the world, think again.

While it’s definitely a global problem, viable solutions to the challenge of water scarcity are evident at the local level. Case in point: EDF Climate Corps fellow Rachel Finan spent some of her summer helping Texas-based institutions identify and enact long-term, strategic responses to their current and future water needs that not only save precious water, but money as well.

From innovative programs that make better use of properly treated wastewater to money and energy saving water efficiency measures, practical (and necessary) options are available today. So your city won’t be the first one to run out of water.

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