Partnerships: The key to lasting solutions

Our work with strategic partners of all kinds is a big part of what makes EDF different.

For decades, we've built inclusive environmental coalitions alongside fishermen, ranchers, corporate leaders and other unlikely allies — teaming up on projects where we can make the greatest impact.

How we work with partners

When we take on a new environmental challenge, we find the right partners for the job, then apply science, economics and technological innovation to find the best solutions together.

  • Walmart

    Businesses and industries

    We forge unexpected partnerships that catalyze environmental leadership, collaboration and innovation across companies and supply chains.

  • Girl in Oakland

    Community and international groups

    We partner with community groups around the world, like we did in Oakland, groups that protect those most affected by local environmental hazards.

  • Universities


    We work with academic institutions on projects like the five-year methane research series we conducted along with 40 institutions and 50 companies.

  • Protecting wildlife

    Conservationists and fishermen

    We've pioneered solutions for farmers and ranchers who help us save endangered species, and for fishermen to build sustainable fisheries.

Working together gets measurable results

Our work with partners makes us stronger and more effective. For example, tens of thousands of consumer products are now safer because we partnered with Walmart and other retailers to remove chemicals of concern from them.

By working with businesses — rather than against them — we can create a more sustainable world where companies, communities and the environment thrive.

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