Partnerships: The key to lasting solutions

EDF VP of Corporate Partnerships Gwen Ruta at a FedEx warehouse

We partnered with FedEx to develop a delivery truck that reduced soot emissions by 90%.

How can we hope to change the world with a staff of just over 500 people?

We can’t do it alone. We succeed by tapping the knowledge and influence of others. We work with other environmental groups, of course—but that’s not enough.

We believe that we need to listen to all stakeholders and find common ground—because the only way we can save the planet is by getting all hands on deck, working together.

A boost to the bottom line

Many of our partnerships are with businesses, from farmers to fishermen to Fortune 100 companies. We come to the table prepared to show how sustainability can equal profitability.

When folks realize you’re there to talk about something that might improve their business, it’s a different conversation than one that tries to impose constraints.

Eric Holst Eric Holst EDF Senior Director of Working Lands

These benefits can be found across all sectors of industry. In Holst’s case, it’s about helping farmers and ranchers learn how how ecologically-supportive solutions can boost yield and lower costs. 

Working with market leaders

Corporate partnerships have been a cornerstone of EDF’s approach ever since we launched our first partnership with McDonald’s 25 years ago. Since then our partnerships have kick-started environmental innovation in fast food, shipping with FedEx, retail stores with Walmart, and private equity with KKR.

The business sector is a powerful force to be reckoned with on environmental issues, not only because of its broad impact, but also because of its power to spur innovation, influence supply chains, inform consumer choice, and shape public policy, explains Tom Murray, EDF’s Vice President of Corporate Partnerships.

Our partnerships drive sustainability leadership at top corporations, creating ripple effects across entire industries.

Tom Murray Tom Murray EDF’s Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Harnessing this power is essential for building lasting solutions and accelerating their uptake to protect the environment. That’s why we work with leading corporations.

Under our guidance, Walmart is working to remove several known toxic chemicals from their household products. This will not only affect Walmart’s private brands, but its 100,000-plus suppliers, too.

“We believe in a future where both business and the environment can thrive,” Murray says.

400,000+ moms as partners

Many of our partnerships also include joining up with grassroots groups and coalitions to harness the power of banding together. One of our frequent collaborators is Moms Clean Air Force, a group of more than 400,000 parents fighting for clean air. 

“All across the country, parents are uniting around solutions,” explains Senior Director Dominique Browning. “We are transcending party politics to focus on the big picture: We are all in this together.”

Become an EDF EcoPartner

This kind of lasting change is built over months and years. Your regular small gifts will help us continue to build partnerships, and you can do so by joining our monthly giving program, the EDF EcoPartners.

As an EcoPartner, you’ll receive special quarterly reports that will keep you informed of our progress.


EDF accepts no funding from our corporate partners, freeing us to set aggressive goals and influence entire industries.

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