Carbon Dioxide Levels this High Pre-Date Humanity



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To borrow the title of a 2004 Modest Mouse album, here’s some “good news for people who love bad news”: As Treehugger reported on Monday, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa observatory recently measured carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the air of 398.36 parts per million (ppm). It’s looking likely that soon, for the first time in human existence, CO2 levels will hit 400 ppm. CO2 is one of the main gasses driving global warming, and the last time levels exceeded 400 ppm was roughly 2-3 million years ago.

That’s not just a long time ago. In human terms it’s essentially “all the time” ago. We’ve simply never lived in a world with CO2 concentrations so high. As Environmental Defense Fund land use and climate scientist Jason Funk explained, 2-3 million years ago:

  • Australopithecines were struggling to become bipedal
  • It would be more than a million years before their descendants would master the control of fire
  • There were at least eight glacial periods still to come
  • The rise and demise of Neanderthals was still in the future
  •  A crafty little species called Homo sapiens had yet to arise and apply the use of fire to fossil fuels, launching us on an uncontrolled planetary climate experiment.

“Basic human systems we take for granted and depend on today, like agriculture and urban civilization, were developed in an entirely different climate regime than the one we're entering,” Funk said. “Our species and those systems may have a lot of difficulty enduring in the new climate regime. That's the magnitude of what we're talking about."

The folks at Mauna Loa have been recording atmospheric CO2 levels since 1958, and as the “Keeling Curve” below shows, we’ve been on a collision course with 400 ppm for some time.

From the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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The Keeling Curve gets its name from Charles David Keeling, and it’s maintained today by his son Ralph F. Keeling at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. If you want to be one of the first to know when we cross the 400 ppm threshold, follow the Keeling Curve on Twitter @Keeling_curve

Update: We've arrived at 400ppm

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Dan Upham

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There is good news and bad news here. The good news is that CO2 levels are not yet so high that an ice age is impossible in the future. The bad news is that the trend is gradually moving humans into uncharted waters. I believe the USA needs to take the lead here by establishing a system to insure that the environmental cost of CO2 emissions is reflected in all fossil fuel prices.

Yes, i would be interested in bringing some of this information on public televison. It would not be for economic gain only for educational and opinion purposes.
Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
Best regards,


Dr. Larry Vardiman (scientist and physicist) of the Institue for Creation Research says:

"One possible scenario may be found in a recent series of articles by Henrik Svensmark and Nigel Marsh, cosmic ray specialists from Denmark, who have shown an indirect connection between galactic cosmic ray (GCR) intensity and global temperature.7,8,9 They are studying the influence of the Sun on the flow of GCR to Earth. The Sun's changing sunspot activity influences the magnetosphere surrounding the Earth permitting more GCR to strike the Earth during high periods of activity.

When the Sun is active, the intensity of GCR striking the Earth is increased, causing more ionization in the atmosphere, creating more carbon-14, and possibly creating more cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). This increase in CCN, in turn, appears to create more low-level clouds which cool the Earth. When the Sun is quiet the GCR intensity striking the Earth is reduced, allowing the Earth to warm. Svensmark and Marsh have shown a striking statistical correlation between sunspot activity and global cooling and warming over the past 1000 years.

The recent rise in global temperature may partially be due to current low solar activity supplemented by a recent increase in carbon dioxide concentration measured at Mauna Loa. The connection which still needs further study is the production of CCN and clouds by GCR."

There is a good deal of science showing that global warming is not mad made. Yes, we still should have pollution controls, as we already do, but not to the extreme because it will unnecessarily hurt business.

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Babu G. Ranganathan
B.A. Bible/Biology


THE WHOLE EARTH AT ONE TIME HAD A UNIFORM TEMPERATURE AND CLIMATE. The Bible in Genesis 1:6 teaches that there was water above the sky. This condition doesn’t exist today because that water fell upon the earth during the great Noahic flood.

The water above the sky would have had a greenhouse effect so that the temperature around the globe would have been uniform and tropical, even at the North and South poles.

Please read my popular Internet article, ARE FOSSILS REALLY MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD? Evolutionary dating methods are not infallible and far from accurate.


Babu G. Ranganathan*
(B.A. Bible/Biology)


*I have given successful lectures (with question and answer period afterwards) defending creation before evolutionist science faculty and students at various colleges and universities. I've been privileged to be recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis "Who's Who in The East" for my writings on religion and science.

Okay, that's you and a religious text on one side, and 99 percent of the practicing scientists in the world on the other side. Your one scientist and 1,000 years of sunspot activity, versus all the other scientists and 3 million years of climate data.... ??

Has anyone noticed what has happened to the other planets in our solar system? This is not an isolated problem with planet Earth; they are dramatically heating up. Hello! See the research put together by David Wilcock. He has a 16 CD / thick book that you can get at the library now!(and a You Tube video short clip on this information): Source Field Investigations. I am a degreed environmentalist, and this researcher definitely has a voice. I think, at this point, we are small, puny thinkers, too afraid to look at all of the facts, and punish those who do. LOOK. THINK. The facts may not support our personal agendas (as worthwhile and righteous as they might be), but truth and facts are truth and facts. The facts and body of info are too extensive, and are all relevant, so I am not going to blurt out random facts here. Start reading people. I'd love to hear from others that can address Wilcock's facts.

This is the guy who claims he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Very interesting. But again, he is the only one making the claims you just reported. Space scientists, what do they say about other planets heating up?