Recent environmental wins and threats you should follow

Everyone is focused on COVID-19 — for good reason. At the same time, it's our job at EDF to stay on top of environmental developments that are also important and share them with you.

Check out these recent wins and threats, and ways you can help.

2 recent wins:

Shrinking aviation's climate footprint

The United Nations aviation agency adopted robust provisions to reduce climate pollution from airlines. The move provides one hopeful step in the right direction — and shows a path forward for the global climate talks.

Cutting climate pollution in the states

California: A federal district court ruled in favor of California by denying the Trump administration’s claims that the state’s work with Quebec to cut climate pollution is unconstitutional. It’s a major legal victory to protect public health and the environment.

Oregon: Gov. Kate Brown took decisive action on climate change by directing agencies to develop enforceable regulations to cut pollution. Brown's bold plan sets a new bar for her colleagues across the nation.

Virginia: The Virginia General Assembly passed legislation enabling the state to join a multistate program that caps carbon pollution from power plants, as well as a bill requiring Virginia’s largest utilities to deliver power from 100% clean sources by 2045.

2 recent threats and ways to help:

The Trump administration is attacking science

An administration proposal would severely limit the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to rely on the best available science when making decisions about public health and the environment. Undermining science puts our families, country and economy at risk. Here's how you can take action today.

A big drop in the monarch butterfly population

Scientists released results from the latest count of the eastern monarch butterfly population. The 53% drop from last year was an unexpected and staggering outcome that has conservationists ready to act. You can help by donating to restore monarch habitat.

Stay tuned for more environmental updates.

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