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18 Tremont St
Suite 900
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

Phone: (617) 723-2996
Fax: (617) 723-2999

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Staff experts in the Boston office

  • Beaulac, Leah Manager, Climate Resilient Food and Water Systems

    Areas of expertise: Sustainable water management; global food security and livelihoods for frontline producers; natural disasters and climate change; conflict, migration and refugee Responses; market linkages

  • Hamburg, Steven Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, Methane emissions, Systems ecology, Biogeochemistry, Climate change impacts, Forest ecology, Soils, C cycle

  • Hiller, Jake Senior Manager, EDF+Business

    Areas of expertise: Corporate partnerships, energy management strategy, energy efficiency finance

  • Kleisner, Kristin Associate Vice President, Oceans Science

    Areas of expertise: Climate change and fisheries, bio-economic modeling, indicators of ocean health and fisheries status

  • Mathers, Jason Associate Vice President, Zero-Emission Truck Initiative

    Areas of expertise: Freight electrification, fleet vehicles, green supply chain

  • Neupert, Stephanie Program Coordinator, EDF Climate Corps

    Areas of expertise: Customer success, corporate sustainability, project management

  • Robo, Ellen Manager, Transportation and Clean Air Policy

    Areas of expertise: Transportation decarbonization, federal environmental and energy regulation and policy, emission standards for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles

  • Shenette, Ellen Director, Net Zero Action Accelerator

    Areas of expertise: Corporate partnerships, Net Zero, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability strategy

  • Westbrook, Jolette Director and Senior Attorney, Energy Markets & Regulation

    Areas of expertise: Natural gas and electric market policy, utility regulation