Sensors are the Fourth Wave technology I consider most relevant to my business’s future success.

82 percent of the executives EDF surveyed also see sensors as most relevant to the future success of their business. 81 percent see sensor technology as having potential to improve their company’s environmental impact as well. This finding was consistent across retail, manufacturing, energy and technology industries, while the financial industry has yet to see the win-win potential of sensors.

current relevance of specific technologies

EDF surveyed executives from companies with $500 million to more than $5 billion in revenue to see how emerging technologies like sensors, blockchain, AI and more are advancing both bottom-line and sustainability goals. Our findings show that technology is enabling economic growth and environmental progress, an alignment that is becoming an essential component of business competitiveness.

In early 2019, we will be surveying Director to C-suite-level executives from companies with $500 million and above in annual revenue to find out what emerging technologies are being adopted to drive business and sustainability goals. This work will build off the ground-breaking report from 2018 examining the intersection of business, sustainability and technology.