Public Hearings Begin on Nation’s First Fuel Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Pollution Standards for Commercial Freight Trucks and Buses

November 15, 2010


Sharyn Stein, 202-572-3396,
Peter Zalzal, 617-943-2843,

(Chicago – November 15, 2010) Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) are holding public hearings in Chicago to receive public input in response to the nation’s first fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas pollution standards for commercial freight trucks and buses.

Environmental Defense Fund’s Peter Zalzal testified in support of the groundbreaking proposal at today’s hearing.

“This common sense proposal will reduce our dangerous dependence on oil and strengthen our economy while protecting our environment,” said Zalzal. “These Made in America clean trucks will deliver new job opportunities in manufacturing at the same time they are delivering freight with more efficiency and less pollution.”

The proposed standards will apply to new trucks and buses manufactured in model years 2014-2018. Over the lifetime of those vehicles, the proposed standards will reduce oil consumption by more than 500 million barrels, will save more than $41 billion in fuel costs, will cut global warming pollution by 250 million metric tons, and will save individual truckers up to $74,000.

Commercial Trucks and Buses Major Oil Consumer and Large Greenhouse Gas Source

  • Today, the nation’s freight trucks and buses consume nearly 2.5 million barrels of oil per day and emit about 20 percent of U.S. transportation sector greenhouse gas pollution.The large commercial vehicles in this fleet average about 6.1 miles per gallon. Transportation sources collectively emit 28 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gases and have been the fastest growing sector of emissions since 1990.

Proposed Standards to Apply Beginning in Model Year 2014

  • The proposed standards are expected to apply to new vehicles manufactured for model years 2014 to 2018 and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 20% and increase efficiency up to 25%. After public notice and comment, final adoption of the standards is scheduled to be completed by July 30, 2011.

Standards Produce Significant Benefits

  • EPA and DOT’s proposed standards will have significant, cross-cutting benefits for American families. The standards will allow a semi-truck operator to pay for technology upgrades in under a year and have net savings up to $74,000 over the truck’s useful life.

Engine Makers Support Initiative

  • Numerous engine makes have expressed their support for the initiative to address commercial freight vehicles including: Cummins, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Daimler Trucks North America, Navistar, Mack Trucks, and Volvo Trucks.

Wide Variety of Solutions Are Available


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