Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data

Toxics Release Inventory data for top 14 “Toxics Across America” chemicals

EPA's Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) provides data to the public on chemical releases reported annually to EPA by certain industrial facilities, including those that manufacture specific toxic chemicals. For each listed chemical, TRI reports the amounts of a given chemical in each of the following categories: on-site releases, on-site waste management, off-site transfers and releases, and off-site transfers and waste management.

For the sites identified in our Toxics Across America report [PDF] that reported producing one or more of the 14 chemicals produced nationally in amounts exceeding 1 billion pounds in 2011, we examined available TRI data on releases from those same sites, using EPA's TRI explorer. The TRI data set was collected in 2012 and released in 20131.

The table below provides the TRI data for each site at which one or more of the 14 chemicals is produced, sorted by site. The table can be re-sorted by clicking on any of the column headings.

In a separate table we have provided summary TRI data for releases of each of the 14 chemicals, summed across all of the TRI sites corresponding to sites of production identified in our Toxics Across America report [PDF].

The dark gray columns provide data from the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) database. This same information is directly presented in the information windows that appear upon clicking the dot for a given site on the interactive map. The light gray columns report data from the Toxics Release Inventory.

*An asterisk after the CDR site address denotes a site for which the address provided in the CDR differs from the address for the same site provided in the TRI. These TRI site addresses are available upon request. Both the CDR and TRI provide latitude and longitude coordinates for sites, which were used to verify site identity when the address differed between the CDR and TRI.


1) The data above is based on EPA's 2012 TRI dataset. EPA's most recent TRI data can be found at the Envirofacts website or through EPA's TRI Explorer.

2) For EPA's description of what is included in these Total On-site Release, see:

3) For EPA's description of what is included in these Total Off-site Release, see:

4) For EPA's description of what is included in these Total On- and Off-site Releases, see:

For columns with footnotes 2, 3 and 4:

  • An entry of "0": EPA explains as follows: "Facilities should use zero when no release occurs or less than half a pound of the non-PBT chemical is directed towards that medium."
  • An entry of ".": Denotes that the facility left that particular cell blank when filling out TRI reporting Form R.