EPA's first 10 chemicals under review

As part of the overhaul of TSCA in 2016, the Lautenberg Act required EPA to select, within 6 months, the first 10 chemicals for which it is to conduct risk evaluations. These chemicals were to be selected from the agency's previously identified "work plan" of chemicals warranting further scrutiny due to human and environmental health concerns they raise. These first 10 chemicals were identified on December 19, 2016, and EPA is now conducting the required reviews.

These first 10 chemicals present a range of serious health concerns, from reproductive and developmental issues to cancer and death. EPA also found that each of the chemicals presents significant potential for exposure to the general population and in some cases to vulnerable subpopulations, such as pregnant women, children or workers.

Unfortunately, EPA under the Trump administration is stymieing or reversing progress made under the new law. Rather than conduct the comprehensive risk reviews the law mandates, EPA is ignoring real-world exposures to these chemicals and making it far more likely that the agency wrongfully concludes that a dangerous chemical is safe.

Chemical profiles

Follow the links below to see snapshots of the uses and concerns presented by each of these chemicals as well as links to additional resources. While we have sought to provide thorough descriptions in these documents, they should not be construed as exhaustive with respect to the chemicals' uses, hazards, exposure potential, or vulnerable subpopulations.