Our finances

Your donations support our program work

Environmental Defense Fund’s work entails a lasting commitment to preserve natural systems on which life and livelihoods depend. We must maintain the financial strength needed to fund this long-term effort.

EDF continued to grow during fiscal 2015, as total operating expenses reached $145 million, an 8% increase over fiscal 2014. A significant portion of this year’s work was supported by restricted multiyear grants awarded in prior years. Nonprofit accounting principles require us to record income in the year funds are raised, not in the year designated for use.

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Support and revenue of $146 million in fiscal 2015 showed sound fundraising strength. Non-foundation funding increased 22%, with more than two-thirds of total support and revenue coming from individual contributions and membership.

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Program spending in fiscal 2015 was 85% of total expenses. Development represented 7% of expenses, while management and administration was 6%. Membership and new member acquisition totaled 2%.

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Over the past five years, EDF’s net assets have grown almost 50% to $209 million, providing a strong financial foundation as we embark on the ambitious goals of Blueprint 2020, our strategic plan for the next five years.

We are thankful for your support and realize that as more donors recognize EDF’s innovative program work, we have an ongoing responsibility to steward your investment well, while delivering strong results for the environment and human health.