The FirstEnergy bailout

The more you learn, the less you'll like it

Why should customers pay for FirstEnergy’s mistakes? The Ohio-based power company made a string of bad business decisions and asked customers to pay for them – initially to the tune of nearly $4 billion.

After the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio shockingly approved this dirty deal, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission swooped in and blocked it, protecting customers and markets.

FirstEnergy has since pulled out all the stops to keep its old, unprofitable power plant fleet afloat. Now the utility is back with a new plea, asking for huge subsidies so it can sell its two uneconomic nuclear reactors and make a higher profit. But the fight’s not over, and EDF hopes to bring some clarity to the debate.

FirstEnergy’s finances, emissions and efforts to kill the burgeoning clean energy industry are all bad news. The good news, however, is that FirstEnergy is an outlier in the industry. Most utilities have seen the light — even if they aren’t completely happy about it — and have accepted that the future of energy will be different than the past.­

Consider the facts:

  • FirstEnergy made a huge investment in coal, which crashed its profits and sent its emissions through the roof.
  • In response, it is trying to kill the burgeoning clean energy industry and make ratepayers foot the bill.
  • Federal regulators have blocked FirstEnergy’s bailout attempts before, and we believe the Ohio Supreme Court would likely do the same.

At EDF, we will do our best to keep you up-to-date. See below for copies of our newsletter, links to media stories about the bailout and other resources that will help you learn more about FirstEnergy’s bailout proposal.

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