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  • ¿CÓMO SE VERIFICAN LAS SALVAGUARDAS EN EL MARCO DEL ESTÁNDAR DE BOSQUES TROPICALES DE CALIFORNIA? Garantizando la protección de los derechos humanos y de los pueblos indígenas English version:

  • La integridad ambiental en el Estándar de Bosques Tropicales de California: abordando fugas, adicionalidad y permanencia para asegurar que los créditos brinden beneficios climáticos   Spanish version of “Environmental Integrity in the California Tropical Forest Standard: Addressing Leakage, Additionality, and Permanence so that Credits Benefit the Climate”

  • The road to a 100% clean economy

    Type: Column/Article

    Date: July 29, 2019

    The 100% Clean Economy Act announced is the roadmap America needs to drive urgent action that matches the scale of the problem. It provides a starting point and a finish line for business and government working together to solve the climate crisis.

  • Getting 100% Clear on 100% Clean

    Type: Column/Article

    Date: July 26, 2019

    As one of the world's most advanced economies, the U.S. must stop adding climate pollution to the atmosphere no later than 2050 – which means transitioning to a 100% clean economy.

  • The following is a conversation between Fred Krupp, President of the Environmental Defense Fund, and Denver Frederick, Host of The Business of Giving on AM 970 The Answer WNYM in New York City.

  • California’s political leaders have made the long-overdue decision to clean up the Central Valley’s contaminated drinking water, and help cash-strapped rural water districts. The catch: rather than assess a fee on water users or tapping into the state’s budget surplus, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature relied on cap-and-trade money to pay for a portion of the operation.

  • CarbonSim Cheat Sheet

    Type: Fact Sheet

    Date: June 24, 2019

    CarbonSim Cheat Sheet

  • The Trump administration is poised to issue a final rule rolling back America’s successful Clean Car Standards, dramatically weakening these standards for Model Years 2021 through 2026. Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding a hearing to investigate this harmful move.

  • The power of markets to increase ambition

    Type: Fact Sheet

    Date: June 18, 2019

    The power of markets to increase ambition

  • Paper authored by Shannon Cunniff published in Coastal Forum Spring 2019 issue on the importance of building resilience for communities and ecosystems in areas where coasts and rivers intersect.