Climate and health protections

With the right policies in place we can fight climate change and provide cleaner air to our children and to communities struggling with the detrimental health consequences of air pollution.

EDF staff are front and center in the crucial fights to defend and advance smart, common-sense policies that mitigate harmful greenhouse gas pollution and reduce the detrimental effects of air pollution.

Our climate and air work

  • solar panels

    Clean power plan »

    EDF is working to defend the Clean Power Plan – the most significant step in U.S. history to reduce climate pollution.

  • stop mercury pollution

    Mercury and air toxics standards »

    A bold step to reduce mercury pollution and other toxic substances in our air, water and food.

  • smog pollution

    Smog standards »

    EDF believes that America has the innovation and the determination we need to follow the medical science, and protect Americans from dangerous smog pollution.

  • air pollution from smoke stacks

    Cross state air pollution rule »

    This rule protects 240 million Americans in 28 states from the pollution that blows across their borders.

  • More efficient cars

    Transportation »

    Greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards make our cars, trucks and buses cleaner and cheaper to drive.