Blueprint 2020

Our strategic plan for the challenges ahead

No single entity can do all that is needed to address today’s urgent environmental problems — not the United States, not China, not the global business community, certainly not Environmental Defense Fund.

But by working in partnership with many others, we can make a difference. So, for each area of our work — Climate [PDF], Oceans [PDF], Ecosystems [PDF] and Health [PDF] — EDF assessed what needs to be done to meet the world’s most pressing challenges. Then we looked at how EDF is best positioned to help, based on the strengths we bring to the table and the good work others are doing.

The result is this strategic plan [PDF] for 2015-2020. In that time, EDF will concentrate on places and policies where we can make the biggest difference, building on what we’ve done. Our role involves applying the best science and economics — along with smart policies and politics — to harness the power of the marketplace to protect the environment. That’s what we mean by “Finding the ways that work.”

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