Art inspiring us to go bold

We asked creators to share how they imagine the world with 100% clean energy by 2050. Here's what they see.

01/18 New Growth by Rusti

New Growth by Rusti

48”x48”, Recycled paint-chip mosaic. This piece was inspired by the strength and beauty that comes from catastrophes, devastation and loss. The woman, cradling herself, is the new growth. She represents the beauty, hope, faith and strength gained from such destruction.

02/18 The Contact: Wet Land

The Contact: Wet Land by Ann Johnston

This is a 60" x 60" quilt made of hand dyed cotton and stitched through the layers, one in a series of pieces called The Contact.

03/18 Summer at Deep Lake

Summer at Deep Lake by Caroline’s Watercolors

I have a deep love of nature and enjoy all of the seasons. I hope my artwork encourages others to take pleasure in these simple, beautiful, and critical systems of nature.

04/18 Future Serenity

Future Serenity by Anna Claire

This piece represents a connection back with the simplicity and peace of nature once more.

05/18 From Lincoln Peak

From Lincoln Peak by Mary Edna Fraser

78" x 47.5" batik on silk (2019). Lincoln Peak’s elevation of 7,450 feet on Gunsight Pass Trail offers a rewarding look at Lake Ellen Wilson and Lincoln Lake. Tjanting tool used to wax out the water, and soft brushstrokes of wax and crackle to indicate the variations in terrain.

06/18 50 Ways to Tame our Wicked Climate Crisis

50 Ways to Tame our Wicked Climate Crisis by Belinda Chlouber

In the past there were many occasions when America was urged to “wake up” to global events. With our ability to communicate so rapidly, we have set in place the ability to transform our behaviors and attitudes in a way never before possible.

07/18 Rising Seas

Rising Seas by Edward Lee

A simple photo of our future.

08/18 Going Green

Going Green by David A. Altfeld

Abstract Oil Painting, 72"x60"

09/18 The Markers

The Markers by Christy Park

This is from the series "On the Ice." A photographic compilation, digital print.

10/18 All Hands On Deck

All Hands On Deck by Deidre Scherer

Woven digital print raises the need for each of us to respond to our planet's crisis. This is a visual call for all hands on deck.

11/18 Oasis

Oasis by Gabriella Goldenberg

Oasis represents the clean water associated with a healthy earth. The blues and greens depict reflections of trees hovering over the water. The ripples portray how we need to continue to spread the word about using clean energy to protect and care for our wetlands, oceans, rivers, lakes, and the planet we call home.

12/18 Oceans memories

Oceans memories by Geraldina Wise

Monoprints with Linocut 34x28 oil ink on Fabriano cotton paper. The Oceans Memories Series is part of an ongoing visual discourse on the history of water in the planet; the fact that all water droplets that have been formed on earth ever are still with us, and the notion that they collectively carry the memory of time and of the planet.

13/18 Cabin Jitters_9 Migrations

Cabin Jitters_9 Migrations by Joseph Muscat

Migration of humans escaping political and environmental disasters is a world wide issue. Like the migratory birds who make their annual trek to warmer and more suitable climes, we too seek better living conditions while making sure to respect and preserve our earthly paradise.

14/18 Be the Change

Be the change by Leslie Ihrig

This piece is a part of the "Talking Fence" project at the Petaluma Arts Center - ACT:Climate Action Now.

15/18 The Next Chapter Fort Lauderdale

The Next Chapter, Fort Lauderdale 2112 by VJ Amor

The poem refers to an exercise in imaging how Fort Lauderdale might be realized in a 100 years.

16/18 Ecological Leaf Structures

Ecological Leaf Structures by Susan Hoenig

"Ecological Leaf Sculptures" are situated beneath the trees they are of outlined with local stone alongside public trails. I work in preserves, open space and collaborate with restoration projects to create awareness of trees in the understory.

17/18 Circular Solutions

Circular Solutions Jewel Ann Thompson

The junction where technology, humanity and the environment intersect to benefit life on our planet.

18/18 Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams by Big Al Gruswitz

Field of Dreams with wind turbines makes a brighter, cleaner future possible. Here wind turbines share a field with wheat growing. The storm clouds of climate change begin to clear and the sun and clear sky begin to appear.