Corporate donation policy

Ours is advice and advocacy that money can't buy

We do not accept money from our partners

Our partnership work is funded by generous individuals and foundations. This ensures our independence and credibility.

Over the past fifty years, Environmental Defense Fund has established itself successfully in the environmental community and on the national stage as one of the most effective member-based, non-partisan organizations working to protect the environment and human health.

To be truly effective in achieving meaningful and significant environmental gains, we must maintain our independence and our organizational integrity.

To ensure this, we have established the following set of corporate guidelines.

Environmental Defense Fund will not accept a donation from any corporation that is:

  1. Engaged in any significant activities that are in direct conflict with Environmental Defense Fund’s environmental protection objectives or activities;

  2. Involved in litigation with Environmental Defense Fund;

  3. A potential beneficiary of advocacy measures Environmental Defense Fund is promoting; or

  4. Engaged in a direct Environmental Defense Fund program activity or partnership.

  5. In a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code listed below. Environmental Defense Fund will not, for example, accept donations from companies in the following industries: automobiles, chemicals, electric utilities, forestry, fishing, mining, nuclear power, oil/gas, pulp/paper, tobacco, waste management or weapons. Classifications of eligibility are based on corporate activities as defined by Standard and Poor’s Register of Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC).

Total corporate contributions shall not exceed three percent (3%) of Environmental Defense Fund’s annual operating budget.

Environmental Defense Fund reserves the right to refuse any contribution.

Relevant Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC)

Environmental Defense Fund will not accept contributions from corporations that fall within the following SIC Code categories:

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
    Agricultural Production; Livestock; Agricultural Services; Forestry; Fishing.

  • Mining
    Metal Mining; Coal Mining; Oil and Gas Extraction; Mining of Non-Metals.

  • Construction
    Building Construction; Heavy Construction; Special Trade Contractor.

  • Manufacturing
    Tobacco; Textile Mill Products; Apparel from Fabrics; Lumber and Wood Products; Furniture and Fixtures; Paper and Allied Products; Chemicals; Petroleum Refining; Rubber; Leather and Leather Goods; Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products; Primary Metals Industries; Fabricated Metal Products; Industrial and Commercial Machinery; Electronic Equipment; Transportation Equipment; Measuring, Analyzing and Controlling Instruments; Photographic, Medical, and Optical Goods; Watches and Clocks.

  • Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services
    Railroad Transportation, Local and Suburban Transit, Highway Passenger Transportation; Motor Freight and Warehousing; Water Transportation; Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services; Airports; Airport Terminal Services; Air Transportation, Transportation Services.

  • Retail Trade
    Automotive Dealers; Liquor Stores; Petroleum Dealers; Tobacco Retailers.

  • Services
    Automotive Repair; Laundries and Dry Cleaning; Pest Control; Computer Integrated Systems; Photo-finishing; Testing Laboratories.