National Council

The National Council of Environmental Defense Fund is a leadership forum for individuals committed to the environment. The mission of the National Council is to support and engage with the programmatic efforts of Environmental Defense Fund.

A non-governing body, the group is made up of individuals nationwide who are influential in their fields, and who have demonstrated the ability and willingness to help advance our environmental agenda. Membership is considered by the Board of Environmental Defense Fund, and is extended to those individuals whose thoughts and support we feel can have a significant impact on future environmental progress.

  • Barbara Bowman
  • Brook H. Byers
  • Douglas Campbell, Jr.
  • Howell Ferguson
  • Tim Gomes
  • Alison Holtzschue
  • Al Jubitz
  • Barbara Kingsolver
  • Roger Liddell
  • George A. Miller
  • Gilman Ordway
  • George D. Phipps
  • Samuel Reeves
  • John Sall
  • Roger W. Sant
  • Lynn Stern