Bird's-eye view of a coastal marsh in Oregon

Earth’s soils
store 3x more carbon than the atmosphere

Carbon in the air harms us. Nature can pull carbon out of the air and sink it underground and underwater.

Nature nourishes us and all life on Earth — while building our resilience to climate change.

EDF is helping nature do its job:

  • By 2030, EDF aims to halt all global tropical deforestation.
  • A 1% rise in soil organic matter = 27,000 gallons more rain absorbed per acre = less flooding and more drought resilience, so action is urgent.
  • Every 100 minutes, a football field of Louisiana wetlands disappears into open water, making restoration critical.

We’re helping governments, companies and the communities most affected by extreme weather harness nature as a climate solution. Want to join us?

Our experts

We bring a wide range of perspectives and skills to advancing natural solutions. Here are a few of the experts leading key parts of this work.

Staff perspective

Rewarding climate-smart farming practices is essential to sustain agricultural production, rural communities and food security in the face of climate change.

Emily Oldfield

Agricultural Soil Carbon Scientist

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