About Santiago García Lloré EDF

Santiago García Lloré

Indigenous People & Local Communities Partnerships Manager, Natural Climate Solutions


A seasoned partnership manager, Santiago specializes in facilitating collaborations between governments and Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPs and LCs) organizations. With a focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, and navigating regulatory landscapes, Santiago ensures mutual understanding and alignment of goals among stakeholders. Santiago uses a strategic approach to project management, resource mobilization, and to fostering positive relationships between diverse stakeholders in areas related to forest conservation, particularly REDD+ and jurisdictional REDD+.


Santiago is a biologist with more than 15 years of expertise in natural resource management, climate change, IP and LC groups, and conflict resolution. Santiago specializes in cultivating and managing relationships across stakeholders, including social organizations, governments, academia, multilateral companies, and NGOs.


Santiago holds a degree in Biology from Universidad Estatal de Guayaquil, an MSc in Conservation Leadership from Colorado State University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Environment at Cornell University.