About Emily Oldfield

Emily Oldfield

Agricultural Soil Carbon Scientist


Areas of expertise:

Soil organic matter, carbon sequestration, natural climate solutions


Emily is focused on developing and testing criteria for a field-level, soil carbon quantification protocol. She is also identifying the necessary elements of a monitoring, reporting and verification process that could be implemented at a regional scale.

Her work aims to catalyze research on a realistic estimate of the carbon storage potential in U.S. agricultural soils that can help guide funding and policy for this and other natural climate solutions.


Emily has extensive experience working on agricultural soil carbon science. She recently completed her graduate work and a post-doc at the Yale School of the Environment. At Yale, she also worked as a lab manager for the Bradford Lab, which focuses on ecosystem ecology, and as a project manager and research lead for Yale’s New York City Afforestation Project.


  • PhD, Yale University, School of the Environment
  • MESc, Yale University, School of the Environment
  • B.A. History, Yale College


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