EPA's Proposed Air Rules Inexpensive and Will Save Lives

July 28, 2011

For Immediate Release

Media Contacts:
Lori Sinsley, Media Director, 415-902-8111, lsinsley@edf.org
Ramon Alvarez, Senior Scientist, 512-691-3408, ralvarez@edf.org

(Washington, DC—July 28, 2011) Environmental Defense Fund praised new national clean air standards that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed today as a vital step in addressing the air pollution associated with the development of natural gas, which is briskly expanding in communities across the country.

The clean air standards protect human health and the environment through highly cost-effective air pollution control.

“EPA’s proposed clean air protections are a trifecta: they reduce harmful air pollution, prevent waste of a domestic energy source, and payback the companies by preventing leaks and venting of natural gas, a valuable commodity, said Ramon Alvarez, senior scientist, Environmental Defense Fund. “These will standardize many common sense practices and technologies already required in states such as Colorado and Wyoming, and which are being used by some natural gas companies throughout the country. They are vital step in protecting people and the climate from harmful air pollution from the natural gas and oil industry.”