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Mariana Rivera-Torres

Manager, Climate Resilient Water Systems


Remote Office


Areas of expertise:

Water policy, transboundary water governance, groundwater, community development, facilitation and collaborative decision-making


Mariana Rivera-Torres supports EDF’s California Groundwater Project working to advance research and multistakeholder collaboration to promote sustainable and equitable water management.

Mariana brings cross-cultural understanding and a keen interest in promoting mutual understanding and community-based strategies to tackle complex environmental and socio-economic challenges.


Mariana has a master’s degree in water, society and policy from the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment. Her research focused on transboundary water governance in the Colorado River. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala from 2015 to 2017 and completed her bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Prior to joining EDF, Mariana worked as a water and natural resources facilitator and mediator.

She was raised in Mexico and has had the opportunity to live and work with communities in the United States, Guatemala, India, South Africa, Rwanda and the Ivory Coast. Outside of work, Mariana loves spending time with family and friends, learning from different cultures and finding ways to connect with nature.